Higher Education for Veterans

56% of Veterans cite inadequate financial resources/financial burden as a barrier to obtaining a higher education degree.2 Federal initiatives to support Veterans in education, such as the GI Bill, have brought a college degree or trade within greater reach for many Military families. But not all Veterans qualify for this aid, and the benefits often do not cover the full cost of education.

Additionally, the frequent relocations associated with Military service make it difficult for Veterans to establish residency in any one state and limit their ability to qualify for more affordable, in-state tuitions.

For the nation’s future generation of Military servicemen and servicewomen, college ROTC programs offered by the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force offer students scholarships in exchange for their Military service post-graduation. But not every cadet qualifies for financial assistance, and scholarship amounts vary.

The JDog Foundation seeks to encourage and support Veterans and ROTC cadets in higher education through need-based scholarships and partnerships with university registrars, offices of Veterans services, and ROTC detachments.

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