Why should you contact the JDog Foundation for assistance?

  • You notice changes in your behavior:
    • Restless sleep
    • Nightmares
    • Listlessness or Withdrawal from Family and Friends
    • Anxiety, Agitation or Panic Attacks
    • Increased Alcohol or Drug Misuse
    • Periods of Violence
    • Inability to Hold a Job
    • Thinking About Hurting or Killing Yourself
  • You are uncomfortable discussing personal, emotional or troubling behavior with your family or close friends
  • You don’t have any existing mental health insurance
  • Your VA healthcare system status:
    • Do not quality
    • Uncomfortable using it
  • You want a single point-of-contact for:
    • Access to all eligible VA benefits
    • Family benefits and services

The JDog Promise


We treat people as they should be treated, and respect is seen throughout all our interactions with our customers, our employees, our peers, and our community.


We have a strong moral compass and believe that working with integrity is the only way to conduct business and creating lasting relationships with each other and our customers.


Our customers invite us into their homes and place their trust in us. We take this honor seriously and only conduct business in a manner that further establishes this relationship.